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About IELTS: Established  in  1989,  with  a  combined  effort   of  British  Council, Cambridge  English  Language  Assessment  and  world  renowned  IDP: IELTS  Australia, The  International  English  Language  Testing  System  or  IELTS,  in  its  acronym  form,  is  an  incredibly  standardised  system  of  evaluating  English  language  proficiency  for  non-native  English  speakers. It  has  been  ranked  among  the  major  English  language  tests  conducted  throughout  the  world  every  year  for  pursuing  studies,  working  in, or immigrating  to  various  countries.


about ielts


The  credit  of its  emergence goes to British  Council  and  Cambridge  English  Language  Assessment  who  launched  this  unique  test  in  the  year  1980  under  the  name  ELTS  i.e. English  Language  Testing  System  with  a  vision  to  give  practical  use  to  the  world  renowned  English  language. The  purpose  behind  this proposal  was the  growth  of  language  as  a  source  of  communication  and  the  test  format  targeted  towards  using  it  for  provisional  intent.

Due  to  some  difficulties  in  commencing  the  exam  and  carrying  out  the  same,  there  arose  a  need  to  give  a  second  thought  to  the  pattern  of  the  exam.  As  a  result  of  various  conclusions  drawn  by  numerous  meetings,  the  concerned  authorities  realized  the  importance  of  making the  exam  internationally  recognized.  Consequently, another great organization – International Development  Program  of  Australian  Universities  and  Colleges – came  forward  to  join  hands  with  the  previous  bodies  and  today, the  combined  association of these organizations  is  what  conducts  the  test. Because  of  International  recognition,  the  test  was  renamed  as  IELTS,  familiar  to  everyone  around  the  globe. As  a  result  of  this,  the  number  of  test  givers  from  all  over  the  world  observed  a  sudden  hike  of  75%  from  15%  as  compared  to  the  last  couple  of  years.


Procedure and Pattern of IELTS:


It  is  generally  of  two  kinds, i.e.  IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.  The  difference  is  based  on  the  purpose  of  the  individual  behind  moving  to  another  country.  If  someone  wants  to  go abroad  for  higher  education  or  seek  some  registration  in  a  different  environment,  then  he  or  she  will  take  the  IELTS  Academic  Test.  On  the  other  hand,  The  IELTS  General  Training  test  is  for  the  ones  looking  forward  to  gain  some  work  experience , training and  migration  to  countries  like  the  UK, Canada,  New  Zealand  and   Australia.  In spite  of  differences  in  their  format  and  purpose  of  conduction,  both  the  tests  focus  on  an  individual’s  ability  to  adapt  and  survive  in  the  new  workplace.

The  tests,  both  Academic  and  General  Training  have  certain  characteristics  in  common.


Such characteristics include:


  1. With the coordination and cooperation of various members in different parts of the world like the USA, Canada , Australia, the test is conducted by Cambridge English Language Assessment.
  2. The test checks the English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of an individual.
  3. The main component in both the tests is speaking module.
  4. In order to evaluate the candidate, band scores are used for every skill individually and on the basis of that, an overall band is given which ranges from 0 to 9. A band score of 9 is allotted to the expert user.
  5. The IELTS test has 4 parts and the test is completed in a span of 3 hours. Reading and Writing continues for about an hour, listening test is completed in 30 minutes and speaking test duration is nearly 15 minutes.
  6. It needs two sittings for completion of complete test because listening, reading and writing are done in one sitting whereas speaking requires another sitting which can be on same day or seven days before or after the exam.
  7. Listening and Speaking test remains the same for both Academic and General IELTS where as Reading and Writing differ in their patterns.
  8. The result is declared after 13 days of exam and is displayed online.
  9. There is a particular procedure for registration of exam which also goes online. Candidates apply for the exam online and fill the required exam fee. After applying, a book is sent to the candidate 7-10 days before the exam to have an idea about IELTS and the exam pattern.


After the declaration of the result, a TRF displaying category wise and over all bands of the candidate is sent to his or her address.


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