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What to do After IELTS?

Clear your confusion about the procedure of studying abroad.


Having a  well  versed  and  authentic  knowledge  about  the  options available after  IELTS  is  equally  important  as  to  get  a   band  score  of  above  7  in  the  exam. The  first  step  towards  your  dream  of  studying, getting  knowledge, working  and  living  among  the  people  of  different  cultures  and  communities  and  getting  acquainted  to  your  weaknesses  and  strengths, simultaneously  working  on  your  over-all  development  is  nothing  else  but  working  hard  on  this  exam. After  this,  comes  the  main  concern  of  enjoying  the  fruits  of  your  hard  earned  bands. Let’s  have  a  look  at  various  options  you  can  look  for.

Apart from  the  well  renowned  academic  institutions  of  Britain, Canada, New  Zealand  and  Australia,  IELTS  has  increasingly  been  accepted  as  the  medium  for  admission  to  top  institutes  of  the  United  States  of  America  too.

After IELTS once  your  result  is  with  you,  follow  the  given  steps  to  inform  the  universities  about  your  scores:-



  1. If you have chosen your desired universities while booking the test, then your scores will be sent to those universities directly.
  2. Secondly, you need to send your TRF number to respective universities for the purpose of verification. Make sure to ask for additional TRFs in case you are applying for more than one university.
  3. You can also request the organizing committee i.e. British Council and IDP to send TRF report on your behalf to the universities you want to.
  4. Along with the IELTS score, you need to arrange for other documents required by the universities which includes your detailed marks along with Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation.
  5. Do good research regarding the whole process in order to avoid any kind of confusion afterwards. If needed, consult someone who having prior experience in the field.
  6. Once everything is done, wait for your offer letter and look forward for the Visa Process.
  7. Once your visa is with you, make your mind, pack your bag and be ready for the better things coming towards you.

Let’s  have a  look  at  the  IELTS  requirement  of  top  universities in  United  States  of  America  and  Canada to  be  eligible  for  studying  there.



  1. McGill University- 6.5 Bands
  2. University of Toronto – 7 Bands
  3. University of British Columbia- 6.5 Bands
  4. University of Alberta – 6.5 Bands



  1. University of California, Berkeley- 6.5 Bands
  2. Columbia University- 7 Bands
  3. Yale University- 7 Bands
  4. Duke University- 7 Bands

Take a look at the various professional organisations accepting IELTS:-


  1. The UK Ministry of Defence
  2. The UK General Medical Council
  3. The New Zealand Immigration Service
  4. The Australian Medical Council
  5. The Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs


Cambridge IELTS remains  ever  ready  to  help  the  students prepare  for  their  exam  and  score  required  bands. Apart  from  this,  the  senior  counsellor, with  years  of  experience  in  this  field  is  there  to  help  you  with  the  various  queries  related  to  your  visa. Choose  us  for  clarity  of your  doubts  and  move  out  of  the  country  with  a  clear  head  and  heart.



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