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After  a hard  preparation regime comes  the  next  step, which  is  IELTS Exam booking  for  which the  whole  procedure  goes  online  or  at  your  nearest  test  centre. As  different  people  have  different  reasons  for  taking  the  exam. Therefore, you must carry out a good  research  and  check  out  the  requirements  needed  for  the purpose of taking the exam i.e.  whether  you  want  to  migrate  or  go  for  higher  studies. Moreover,  check  the  band  requirements  needed  for  you  to  go  because different  courses  and  purposes  require  different  band  score. Paying a hefty amount for every time you take the test along with the high costs of college applications and visa fee, is definitely a burden. So, here is your opportunity to apply for your exam at a discounted price.



IELTS exam Booking


There  are  particular  steps  to  be followed  while  booking  the  exam  which  are  given  below:



  1. The IELTS exam is conducted for 4 times in a month due to huge popularity and hence, there is no dearth of opportunities if you couldn’t perform well in your first attempt. You only need to pay for the exam fee.
  2. Once you have made up your mind to appear for the exam, go to Google and type ‘book IELTS exam’. A link will open before you where you need to click and check out the required test location in your country. You can do it on map or by using the drop down menu.
  3. On the page, look for test locations and available dates in the next coming days.
  4. Again on the same page, you need to review the passport details, photograph, information of the documents and ID which are required to complete the whole procedure.
  5. Select the amount and payment method you are comfortable to use.
  6. It is generally recommended to register for your test online because it is the best way to reserve the test with a British Council Test Centre.
  7. After this, enlist the details of about five organizations to whom you want to send your Test Report Form.
  8. In case you need some special assistance on the test day, make sure to provide information for the same while booking your test online. You need to mention about this in your application.
  9. After submitting your application, read the instructions carefully to avoid any sort of inconvenience afterwards.
  10. You will receive a mail on your registered e-mail id when you apply for the exam as well as when the venue of your test is assigned to you. Everything is mailed to you.
  11. IELTS exam is a standardized exam and scope for some error in its conduction is very rare. Experts working with British Council are assigned special duties and proper care is taken to help the candidates.


Book IELTS at 11,100*



The registration fee for IELTS exam booking is nearly INR 12,100/- for British Council and IDP. Taking  into  consideration  the  increasing  demand  for  the  exam  and  helping  the  students  who  have  certain  goals  regarding  their  future,  Cambridge IELTS comes  forward  with  a  discount  of  5-10% per IELTS slot if  candidates  apply  for  the  exam  through  the institute.  So,  prepare  for  your  exam  in  the  best possible  way  under  the  guidance  of  our  able  faculty  and  later, save  your  money  by  availing  yourself  of  the  discount  opportunity.



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