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IELTS Speaking in Chandigarh

Best Tips to Crack the IELTS Speaking Module



As per the opinion of various IELTS takers and results of previous years, it is seen that speaking section of the IELTS has been found easy by majority of people. Although, candidates from quite backward areas find difficulty in this also yet this test has helped majority of candidates to get a good overall band. The reason for the same can be increasing globalisation, industrialisation and westernisation due to which whole of the world has constricted and people from all over the globe get a  chance to interact with each other better. English being the global language is spoken widely and hence majority of people talk in English even before they appear for the exam. Therefore, IELTS Speaking Test is nothing less than a daily interview or face to face conversation. For crack this feel free to contact with us as we are IELTS PTE Spoken English Classes Institute in Chandigarh provide ielts English speaking course in chandigarh and IELTS Speaking Classes in Chandigarh at affordable fees.


Ielts speaking



IELTS Speaking is the ultimate test of checking the fluency of the test taker by considering the level of perfect pronunciation, vocabulary, confidence and generation of ideas while speaking in front of the examiner. The test continues for not more than fifteen minutes and is basically an interview. The examiner looks forward for certain skills of yours like organisation of ideas, expressing your opinion and justifying it if required, to analyzing various issue s with a logical explanation, speaking at length at a continuous stretch and ultimately your way of speaking which should depict your confidence. For best English speaking course in Chandigarh, IELTS speaking in Chandigarh we will be best option for you.

The test has been divided into 3 parts which are explained as follows:-


The first part of the test is nothing but an introduction and interview of yours which is basically a start up to relax and enjoy your speaking assessment. First of all, the examiner introduces himself or herself and asks for your introduction and identity. Afterwards, the questions are generally asked in relation to your daily life e.g. family, work, studies, hobbies etc. You should feel comfortable and get in the tone of speaking for the exam taking in mind that you look natural. Get best IELTS Speaking in Chandigarh, It takes about 4-5 minutes.


The second part of the test is basically a task which requires you to speak continuously on a topic for 1 to 2 minutes. The topic will be given in the form of a cue card where your question will be written. Along with the question, there would be three to four points which the candidate is required to speak about in his or her answer. One minute will be given in order to prepare your answer. A notepad will be provided to you to write down your notes in that one minute. Afterwards, you need to speak continuously for one to two minutes and you won t be interrupted in between. It takes about 3-4 minutes.


The third part is a follow up question-answer round of part 2 only where the candidate is asked various questions related to Part two. The questions can range from 4 to 5 giving the candidate an opportunity to talk about the topic in further detail. It lasts for about 4 to 5 minutes.

IELTS Speaking in Chandigarh test lasts for very less time and that is why people find it easier as compared to other three sections. But there are some issues with speaking section also which can be easily dealt with through a good plan and regular practice. Let s have a look at some of the strategies:-

  1. Try to have a positive first impression during the interview and make sure that you dress smartly for the D-day
  2. Try to remain comfortable and avoid getting nervous; take it as a normal conversation where you and your life are being introduced to someone.
  3. Avoid speaking too much or too less. Speak relevant and list good points with interesting content so that you enjoy your speaking.
  4. Never give one word answers for even small questions asked in the introduction. Long answer will show your confidence to the examiner.
  5. Look for ample amount of videos on internet to have an idea about the real environment during the exam and to learn from the mistakes of others.
  6. Try to be natural, practice well and follow the above given strategies for scoring your required bands in IELTS and realising your dreams.

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