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Best Tips and Strategies to Crack the IELTS Writing Module

We are top IELTS writing centre in Chandigarh offer IELTS writing classes and training in Chandigarh would like to inform you that, Of  all  the  four  sections  in  IELTS,  students  face  the most difficulty  in  IELTS writing  section  where  one  needs  to  write two  different  pieces  of  writing  in  an  hour.

The IELTS Academic Writing test consists of two tasks i.e.  Task 1 and Task 2.  Task  1  is  basically  a  data  interpretation  where  students  are  required  to  elucidate  the  information  given.  The information  can  be  in  the  form  of  a  chart,  diagram,  table,  graph  or  pie  chart.  The students are expected to write a  descriptive  piece  of  writing  in about  150  words. Task  2  is  an opinionated essay  in  which  the  candidates  are  asked  to  write  on  a  particular  topic,  problem,  issue  or  opinion. The  word  limit  allotted  for  this  task  is  250  words. As  task  2  requires  some  logical  thinking  and  more  view  points,  it is  generally  recommended  to  spend  about  20  minutes  on  Task  1  and  40  minutes  on  Task 2.


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The  IELTS  General  Training  test  is  somewhat  same  as  the  academic  one  with  a  major  difference  in  Task  1  where  instead  of  data  interpretation,  candidates  are  required  to  write  a  semi-formal  letter  about  a  certain  issue.  The points  to  be  included  are  asked  in  the  question   itself.  The  word  limit  for  this  is  also  150  words. Task  2  is  an  essay  type  question  to  be  written  in  250  words  discussing  about  the  topic  which  is  generally  related  to  some  issue  or  opinion  as  that  of  academic  one. IELTS Writing Classes Training Chandigarh

One  can  score  good  bands  in  writing  by  following  some  strategies  which  would definitely  help  to  generate  a  good piece  of  writing.

Let’s have  a  look  at  some  of  them –


  1. IELTS Writing Section consists of 2 tasks i.e. Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2. Try to attempt Task 2 first and Task 1 afterwards because Task 2 carries more marks and definitely requires more effort and attention from your side.
  2. Before writing , it is always better to plan your answer and have some keywords or phrases ready before you so that while writing you get an idea of starting your line and following a pattern while putting your ideas which maintains the coherence of your essay.
  3. Do not copy the first line of the question in Task 2 and try to paraphrase it in your language. Also avoid repetition of words and ideas. Try to widen your views while keeping in mind the main subject to be discussed.
  4. Try to use certain phrases and idioms which make your piece of writing different from others. For example, you can use the idiom-“Catch 22 situation” while mentioning about the contradictory view mentioned in topics of task 2. Apart from this, use of trigger words and certain conjunctions would save your essay from being monotonous making the examiner read it with interest.
  5. Avoid the use of informal words and language and pay full attention to grammar, punctuation , word limit and spellings which will cost you marks otherwise.
  6. Use certain examples in your essay which will give a sense of originality to your topic and gives you content in case you face a problem of running short of words.
  7. Give time to read sample essays written by 7 band scorers in order to get an idea about the ideal way of writing and consequently working on your weak points taking them as a model.
  8. In Task 1, use heavy words instead of the ones used regularly or which are more common, e.g. – You can use words like elucidates, enunciates, illustrates instead of shows or depicts while introducing your graph or chart.
  9. Instead of writing about the complete data represented in Task 1, try to focus on the important points i.e. highest and lowest values, sharp increase and decrease , maximum elevation or depression etc.
  10. Last but not the least, manage your time well. Make it sure that you do not spend more than 20 minutes on Task 1 and 40 minutes on Task 2.

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