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Improve your fluency in speaking English



We are one of the best spoken English institute in Chandigarh wold like to introduce you that Language is the key that makes man distinguishable from an animal. The World has now become a global village and this has been possible because of the medium of English Language to some extent; as it helps in abridging the communication gap. We, at NEW CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE, perceive the gravity of this matter and whence we provide our students with an atmosphere where they can amplify their fluent Spoken English skills, Spoken English Classes in Chandigarh.


Spoken English




Basic level or the beginners of a Spoken English course need to understand sentence formation, the grammar which includes parts of speech, tenses etc. which helps in building the base of an individual in his/her process of second language learning.

Mind You! Grammar can sometimes slow down your English learning process. So focus should be less on grammatical correctness and more on the spoken aspect. An interesting fact that needs to be mentioned here is that even the native speakers of the English language speak in a style which is grammatically wrong and if we try to speak correct English before the eyes of native speakers then they will consider us no less than beggars or conjurers, who are trying to extract some bucks from their pockets.




After grasping the basic level, next step is to start with the conversation in English. Moreover, at this level, focus is laid on expressions and pronunciation is also improved. This is the second level on the journey of achieving perfection in spoken English.




The Third stage is the advanced and ultimate stage in the English language learning process. After correcting pronunciation and other aspects, further, an individual is made perfect in the art of speaking in public confidently. Other important aspects like lying stress at the right place, rhythm in which a sentence has to be spoken, intonations are taken care of.






  1. English has now become part and parcel of the corporate world and it has now become necessary to have the knowledge of English language to get a better job in this competitive environment.
  2. It becomes difficult to express and show our ideas which hamper our productivity and growth.
  3. English also contributes in enhancing the personality of an individual. Eloquent, fluent and confident use of English adds more points in your bag.
  4. Not only the technical knowledge but good communication skills are what in demand these days.
  5. English has now become a social status. It prevails like never before. It has become a stepping- stone to success.





  1. Fluency in English helps in fetching more money in the corporate world.
  2. Though this can be a bitter truth, people who are handier with English are given more respect.
  3. Knowledge of English widens the scope as most of the literature written in other languages is translated into English and shared all over the world. Thus, English helps in understanding other cultures through their literature.
  4. If you love travelling, then English is going to be your forever companion and will be there for you, whenever you need it and wherever you need it.
  5. English is the golden key for a person who loves to socialize and make new friends.
    Therefore, we at New Cambridge College have taken certain definitive measures to help everyone build their fluency in the English language by providing BEST SPOKEN ENGLISH CLASSES.


Following is the curriculum that we follow to provide students with a comfortable atmosphere to remove shyness and bring confidence in speaking English:

  1. Writing and Reading Skills
  2. Vocabulary building
  3. Story telling
  4. Group discussion and Panel discussion
  5. Spell Bee
  6. Tongue Twisters
  7. Role plays
  8. Listening skills
  9. Debates
  10. Mock Interviews
  11. Conversation over the telephone
  12. Picture composition/ comprehension/ unseen passages
  13. Interactive games to improve fluency
  14. Stressed and Unstressed words

Ways through which this curriculum is followed:


  1. Picture dictionaries
  2. English Videos/audios to catch pronunciation
  3. Live demonstrations
  4. Case studies
  5. Play card & display boards and many more…..


In the process of learning a foreign language, the order that is reading, listening, speaking, then writing, whereas the correct order is listening, speaking, reading, then writing. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in breaking some rules when we have to learn something new. An individual needs to submerge himself into English in order to become fluent in it. We at NEW CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE help in making true one’s dream of becoming handy with the English language with BEST ENGLISH LANGUAGE COACHING IN CHANDIGARH, under the guidance of our well-qualified trainers.


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